Printing Emails

This page describes how to Print Emails


To print an Email in EasyMailer select the Email you wish to print then click on the print icon on the main window. printselect.gif (1495 bytes)

The print window will then appear.


printwindow.gif (20122 bytes)


You can resize the window to get a better view of the preview. To print with the current settings, click on 'Print'.

When this window is loaded up the settings to use are also loaded up. You can change these settings by clicking on the button 'Update Settings' which is located at the bottom of the window. This will update the settings to use based on the current selection of font, font size, heading style and general layout.


You can drag the print preview around by clicking with the left mouse button and holding it down.

To zoom in and take a closer look at what will be printed, either double click on the print preview or use the zoom choice (top right of window).

You can select whether to print using Portrait or Landscape orientation using the choice at the top of the window.

To move around the pages use the buttons labelled '<' and '>'


You can change the printer setup from the main window by selecting 'Printer Setup' from the 'File' menu.







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