Sending Anonymously

This page describes how to use the Anonymous Send Feature


The Anonymous Send Feature allows you to hide your identity. The recipient will not then be able to find out who sent the Email to them.


To use this feature, prepare an Email for sending as you normally would. Then before you are ready to send the email, click on the Anonymous Send button. anonbutt.gif (1361 bytes)


anonwind.gif (7844 bytes) Once the button has been clicked on, the Anonymous Send window will appear. From here you can select all the options of how you want your identity hiden.

You now have to choose the extent to which you wish to hide your identity.

On the left hand side of the Anonymous window you can select the basic options. You can change the From field and the X-Mailer header. The X-Mailer header just identifies which email program was used to send the email. anonleft.gif (4282 bytes)

anonright.gif (4165 bytes)

On the right hand side of the Anonymous window you can select to send the Email through Remailers. Remailers are mail servers that receive an email and then send it on again stripping off all the email headers that identify you in the process.

If you select more than one remailer then the message will be chained. This means that it will go through all the remailers you select one by one, in each case stripping off any identifying email headers. This is the most secure way to send an email anonymously, it will be nearly impossible to trace who sent the message then.



1) The remailers you can choose from are taken from the file 'remailers.txt' which resides in your EasyMailer directory. You can add or remove remailers by editing this file with notepad. These sites contain information about remailers that are active:

2) Even if you use a remailer it may be possible to identify you if you use an SMTP server that the recipient suspects may have been used. For example if you send an email Anonymously and the recipient suspects that you sent it, then they may may go to your ISP and ask them to look at their SMTP server logs. In those logs it may be found out that you sent an email through a remailer. So you may like to use a different SMTP server than usual.

3) Many SMTP servers require that a valid email address is supplied for the From field, so if you get an error whilst sending the email check that the From and To email addresses are valid (they can be anyones email address)

4) Remailers are not known for being reliable, they are often very slow, or will just loose your message. There is no way to confirm delivery of the email if it is sent Anonymously.

Please note that EasyByte Software Corporation accepts no liability if your identity is discovered or you use the Anonymous feature for illegal purposes.






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