Using the Drafts Folder

This page describes how to use the Drafts Folder


The Drafts Folder is used for keeping work in progress. If you are sending an email to someone and you don't have all the information available to finish the email off then you can save it to Drafts.


By saving an email to Drafts you can come back to it later at your convienience.


drafts.gif (1306 bytes)

To save an email to Drafts just click on this icon in the window you are editing your new message in. The email will then be saved in the Drafts folder.
To view all emails in the Drafts folder just click on the button marked 'Drafts' which is at the top left of the main window: draftclick.gif (5459 bytes)

To edit and send the email, just double click on it in the message grid on the main window. You will then be able to modify the message and send it.


When in the drafts folder if you right click on a message, or click on the message menu you will notice two options at the top, 'Edit to Send' and 'Send Now'. f you select 'Send Now' the message will be send instantly, and if you select 'Edit to Send' you will be able to edit the message further before sending it.

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