HTML Formatting

This page describes how to use HTML Formatting of Emails


When sending an Email, you can use various font sizes, fonts, font formatting, colours, text positioning and more. This feature allows you to present your emails in a very professional way. This feature is as easy to use as a word processor.

htmluse.gif (3236 bytes)


All you need to do is select the text you want to change the properties of then select from the toolbar what you want to do to it.

Once you have finished typing out your Email you can select what style you want the Email sent in. sendstyle.gif (1563 bytes)


Whenever you use text formatting, the Send Style changes to 'Plain & HTML' if it is not that already.

To send in 'Plain Text' means just to send a text email, with no formatting, any formatting that there is will be stripped off.

To send in 'HTML' means that the email will only be sent in HTML, this may cause problems if the recipient cannot receive HTML emails.

To send in 'Plain & HTML' means that the email will be sent with two parts, the first part will be plain text, with all formatting stripped off and the second part will be HTML. This is good if you are not sure whether the recipient can receive HTML emails.






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