Setting up Accounts

This page describes how to Set up Email Accounts


EasyMailer has been designed from the outset to support many Email Accounts. In fact no other Email program has such simple and comprehensive support for multiple Email Accounts.


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Whenever you select an account from the account box on the main window, EasyMailer is now set up for use with that account. Every single function that is account related will now use that account.

To edit an existing email account, or to create a new one just click on the Edit button which is beside the word Accounts. Once clicked on the Account editor window appears.

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From here you can Add Accounts, Delete Accounts, Modify Accounts and Edit Signatures for Accounts.

The Account Details

User Name: This is the user name to use with the POP host for when downloading mail. This is sometimes called the login ID. You will be provided with this by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Real Name: This can be your nickname or full name, it used when sending Email. It will put before the return Email address in the 'From' field.


Return Email Address: This is the addess that in conjunction with the 'Real Name' will make up the 'From' field when sending Email.


POP Host: This is your mail server. Email is downloaded from POP servers. You will be provided with this by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


SMTP Host: This is the server that you use to send Email. You will be provided with this by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Password: This is used for the downloading of Email from the POP Server. You will be provided with this by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Main Window Text: This is the text that will appear in the accounts box on the main window.


Multiple Check Account: This specifies whether or not the selected account will be checked when the check email button is clicked. You can have it so that lots of accounts (ones with multiple check selected) are checked for email at the same time, without any user interaction required.


Navigating around the Accounts

If you have lots ( > 10 ) Email accounts, then you will find the navigation of Email acocunts very easy. You can select from the 'Show By' drop down combo box, how you want to display the accounts in the grid. Then to select an account just click on it on the grid. The grid is directly below the 'Show By' drop down combo box.


Deleting / Adding Accounts
To Delete an account first select it in the grid, then click on the Delete button, you will be asked if you want to delete the account, click yes to do so. The Account and its signature have now been deleted.


To Add an account, click on the 'Add New Account' button. A new account will then be added, and you can now fill out the various details for it.


In EasyMailer each Email account can have a different signature. To edit the signature for an account, first select the account by clicking on the account grid. Then click on the 'Signature' tab, which you will find at the top of the window. The signature for the selected account will then become visible.

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All you have to do is just type out what you want the signature to be and it will automatically be saved for you.


To delete a signature, simply click on the signature check box which is directly below the editing box for the signature itself.






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