Downloading Email

This page describes how to Download Email


The Downloading of Email in EasyMailer is very simple, fast and powerful. You can inspect the Emails waiting on your POP server before downloading them.


account.gif (3622 bytes)

To download Email you must first select an account to download the mail from. Do this by selecting an account from the accounts box on the main window.
To download mail for a specified account then you should double click on the account. If you want to download mail from ALL of the multiple check accounts then you should click on the 'check email' button which is at the top left of the main window. downbutt.gif (2472 bytes)

If you are connected to the Internet then this window will appear, it is the download window.


downcheck.gif (8865 bytes)


If everything goes OK then after a few seconds you will see the number of Emails waiting for you. In the example above three Emails are sitting on the POP server. Size is shown in bytes, so the selected message above is 54k in size.



You now have three choices to make:
1) You can download all of the mail by clicking on the 'Download All' button. All of the Emails will now be downloaded. You will be shown the progress of the downloading on the window and how many Emails are left to download. If you configured the downloading of mail to download instantly on check, then EasyMailer will automatically start downloading the Email.

2) You can find out who the Emails are from, do this by clicking on the 'Get who mail is From' button. EasyMailer will now connect to the mail server (POP server) and will find out who each Email is from. When that is known the results will be displayed on the grid. This is how it will be displayed.


downfrom.gif (9582 bytes)


3) You can delete the selected Email, do this by clicking on 'Delete Selected message from Server'. You will then be prompted if you are sure you want to, if you click yes then the selected message will be deleted. The messages waiting for you will then be requeried from the server and displayed.


Delete from Host After Downloading, If checked this means that the Emails will be deleted from the mail server after being downloaded. If it is not checked then the Emails will be left on the mail server. This may be of use if you want to download a message onto different machines, say at work and at home.







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