Configuring Downloading Email

This page describes how to Configure the Downloading of Email


You can configure a lot in EasyMailer. One area that can be configured to your requirements is the downloading of Email. To do this click on the 'Preferences' menu in the main window and then select 'Receiving Mail', This window will then appear.


config.gif (6861 bytes)


The Options:

Download Mail Instantly: If checked this means that whenever you check mail for an account, the mail is download instantly. This means that you will not be able to find out who the Emails are from whilst the Emails are still on the server. You will also be unable to selectively delete individual messages from the POP server.

Delete from Host after Downloading: If checked this means to automatically download mail from server after downloading. This option can be overrided at the time of checking Email, if the 'Download mail Instantly' option is unchecked.


Display HTML part of Email first: This is to with the viewing of the email, if checked this means that if an email has an HTML part, that part will be displayed first.


Get Email from multiple accounts: If checked then all email accounts that have been specifed as multiple check accounts, will be checked when you check for mail.







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