Viewing Email

This page describes how to View Email


EasyMailer allows you to view standard plain text emails, HTML emails and RTF emails. When you select an email to view from the message grid EasyMailer will load up the Email and display it as it should be.

Below you can see the result of clicking on an HTML email, it was automatically detected as being HTML and was displayed accordingly.


viewhtml.gif (31338 bytes)


If you double click on the message grid, then you can view the email in a separate window, like so.


viewdouble.gif (39535 bytes)


As you can see extra information about the Email is displayed at the top of the window. You can find every folder that an Email is in from this window.


You can also view the Emails source, this is the entire Email, in plain text. To do this you can click on the magnifying glass icon in the extra information window, or select from the 'Special' menu on the main window 'View Message Source', this is what you will see.


messsource.gif (37278 bytes)


When you click on an email if it has not yet been read then the yellow closed envelope will dissapear from that email in the message grid.


Attachments, is an email has attachments (files or non message text parts) they will be displayed in the file box, which will appear at the bottom of the main window.


attach.gif (3563 bytes)


To extract (save to disk) a particular file just double click on it, or select it and click on 'Extract'. If you want to extract all of the files quickly you can click on 'Extract All'







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