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Our components in ASP and Delphi

Our components are optimised for use on a Windows 2000 and 2003 Server when used in ASP.
This is some sample ASP code for using RTF-2-HTML in ASP:

    Option Explicit
    Dim objConverter
    dim strHTML

    Set objConverter = Server.CreateObject("EasyByte_rtf_2_html.rtf_2_html")
    objConverter.HTML_Title = "Test if control is loaded"

    objConverter.DoDebug = "no"
    objConverter.HTML_Colour = "FFAAFF"
    objConverter.HTML_Title = "Demo 1"
    objConverter.RTF_Text = "{\rtf1 <Hello!> \par }}"
    objConverter.Generator = "Demo 1"
    objConverter.Links = "yes"
    objConverter.CleanRTF = "yes"
    objConverter.ConvertImages = "no"
    strHTML = objConverter.ConvertRTF



Our controls (RTF-2-HTML and Cryptocx) do not immediately show up in the Delphi 5 palette, this is due to a bug in Delphi 5. Here is the workaround for this bug in Delphi 5:

1. Open Delphi5 and install the Component as per Delphi instructions (Component/Import ActiveX Control), knowing that it will NOT appear on the palette. Note the Delphi package that you are adding the component to. It will have to be recompiled after the type library is modified.

2. Choose "File/Close All" in Delphi.

3. Choose "File/Open" and set the "files of type" drop down to "Type Library". Browse to and open the latest ( and registered version of your VB OCX control).

4. Select the "CoClass" item in the left pane (book with a red sphere on top of a box) and the "Flags" notebook tab.

5. Check off the "Can Create" box, as VB doesn't check this by default and Delphi needs it

6. Choose "File/Save As" from the Delphi menu. Change the file extension from .ocx to .tlb and save it in the "Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Imports" directory.

7. Choose "File/Close All" in Delphi.

8. Choose "Project\Import Type Library" and choose the component and package destination as necessary. It should warn that the type library already exists. Allow the overwrite.

9. When you recompile the package, it should indicate that the component palette has been updated as a result of the recompilation. Close the project and you should be ready to access the component from the palette now.


If the above did not help you to resolve your issue, please email EasyByte support: support@easybyte.com 

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