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  RTF-2-HTML v8
Cryptocx v7
NewsFeeds for your Web Site
RTF-2-HTML v8 - Document Conversion Component (.net Assembly and COM Dll)
This is a Component (.net Assembly and COM Dll) that allows developers and system architects to easily convert RTF to HTML, and HTML to RTF from within their applications. RTF-2-HTML can be used in any component container (VB, VC++, ASP, .Net, C#, Delphi etc...) and has royalty free distribution rights with a license. 


  • String input and Output, RTF-2-HTML is designed for working with RTF and HTML as strings for input and output, this makes it perfect for use in ASP and also makes it run faster in applications.
  • ALL of the Source Code for RTF-2-HTML is available for purchase. This will allow you to modify any aspect of how the control works.
  • Image Conversion - RTF-2-HTML can convert embedded images within images to jpg files that are automatically linked to in the generated HTML.
  • RTF-2-HTML, the market leader in document conversion, is very easy to use, with just 6 lines of code you can start using it.
  • The resultant HTML or RTF document that is generated will look as identical to the original input document as is possible.
  • RTF-2-HTML is an incredibly versatile control that has almost limitless customisation options for how the RTF or HTML should be converted - or you can just use the default settings as is.
  • With RTF-2-HTML you can make your own HTML editor, by using the MS RichText control to edit the text and then using RTF-2-HTML to convert it to HTML.


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Cryptocx v7 - Encryption COMponent (COM Dll) 
This is a Component that allows developers to easily add powerful encryption/decryption to their applications or web site back ends. Cryptocx uses tried and tested encryption algorithms, to ensure complete security.

Cryptocx v7 is the only Enterprise Capable OpenPGP Compliant Encryption component available. 


  • Full intrinsic PGP Support - No other programs need to be installed! 
  • No other encryption component has FULL PGP support.
  • Create highly customisable Self Decrypting Archives (SDA) that contain any number of files or directories.
  • You can encrypt/decrypt strings and files with Cryptocx and send them to someone who could for example use their existing installation of PGP or Cryptocx to decrypt them.
  • Encrypt Files at over 20 MB a second on a standard PC.
  • Create compressed ZIP, TAR and GZ files, and also decompress them.
  • 256 Bit AES and 448 Bit Blowfish String Encryption complete with base64 encoding of the output to ensure that you can encrypt strings and place the results in text boxes or settings files.
  • Very Easy to use, just 3 Lines of code and you are ready to start using very secure encryption within your programs.


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EasyByte  Ticker
Use EasyByte Ticker to keep informed on exactly what you need to keep informed about, whether it be business news related to your company or interests such as specific sports or cars.


  • Some reasons why it is far superior to all other such products.
  • It can intelligently gather news and information from ANY website, including RSS feeds.
  • The Ticker can Auto-Hide, just like the windows taskbar.
  • You can have the information appear in non-intrusive manner on your screen, from scrolling to gentle fade in and out.
  • A neat little info window pops up when you move the mouse over a headline, instantly displaying the content for that article.
  • Fully network manageable, ideal for corporate usages, a network admin can add/remove feeds that should be displayed on the end users desktops.
  • For corporate use, we can create a version with your company logo and corporate branding.

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News Feeds
EasyByte NewsFeeds are the best way to add relevant News and Information to your website.

EasyByte has been providing professional NewsFeeds longer than any other company, this means we have the most expertise and experience in this area to give you.


  • Make your website more 'sticky', if there is very current and up to date information on your website, your visitors are more likely to come back more frequently.
  • Have industry or geographic specific News on your companies intranet to keep your employees informed and on the ball.
  • We can use any number of existing websites as sources for a NewsFeed or you can have a keyword search across several thousand websites to bring back headlines on that.

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EasyMailer v4
EasyByte EasyMailer 4 is a comprehensive email client designed for the power user.


  • With EasyMailer's Automatic Encryption you can specify that everything from your emails to your address book is encrypted on your hard disc, so if someone steals your computer your data will be safe. 
  • If you get lots of emails every day EasyMailer has lots of features that are perfect for you, like the Active Folders which can show all email from person x or sort through 1000's of emails in a second. 
  • With EasyMailer you can treat your email like Web pages and search your mail as you would using an Internet search engine. 
  • EasyMailer features Active Folders (folders which update themselves)
  • Allows you to examine your POP account right on the server so you can delete unwanted messages before downloading.
  • Has full multiple account support, for downloading and managing emails.
  • There is a powerful printing function that allows you to print out very professional copies of your emails. 

It is highly customisable so you can change it to your taste, drag and drop interface and much much more..

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All of our products are thoroughly tested before being released. You should have no problems with any of our products, if you do though, we provide a comprehensive 24/7 support service.


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