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Cryptocx v7 is a fully OpenPGP ( PGP ) compatible encryption component (COM Dll).

It is currently in use by such companies as VISA, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bear Stearns, Wells Fargo, Best Buy and many others. References can be produced upon request.


Cryptocx is an Encryption component that can be used in any modern development environment such as Visual Basic, VC++, ASP, Delphi, dotNet, C# and many more.


Unlike many others, EasyByte Software is a real company with real support, all customers get instant support via email or phone 24/7


EasyByte Cryptocx v7 builds upon the previous releases of Cryptocx to add further powerful features in a very easy to use bundle. Please try it out for yourself.

You can easily add it to your web site or application in just a few minutes with as little as four lines of code:

Example code, showing all you need to use the OpenPGP compatible file encryption
Cryptocx1.SourceFile = "C:\temp.txt"
Cryptocx1.DestinationFile = "C:\encrypted.txt" 
Cryptocx1.KeyFolder = "C:\keyrings\"
Cryptocx1.KeyID = "easybyte"

x = Cryptocx1.PGPFileEncrypt


Cryptocx has many powerful features that lend it to being very easily integrated with your existing systems or ASP sites to provide very robust and well proven levels of Encryption.

Main Cryptocx v7 features

  • Cryptocx does not require the use of any external programs, so you can easily distribute it with your applications with out having to worry about any licensing issues.
  • Easily create Self Decrypting Archives, you can very easily create an SDA with Cryptocx that has any number of files or complete directories in it. You can endlessly customise how the SDA looks and feels so it blends in with your company well.
  • Cryptocx has full support for 256 Bit AES Encryption/Decryption for both files and string
  • Encrypt and Decrypt files with PGP compatible encryption/decryption.
  • Encrypt and Decrypt strings with PGP compatible encryption/decryption. Just pass a variable into the control and encrypt/decrypt it.
  • Compress and DeCompress strings and files with ZIP compatible compression. Just pass a variable into the control and compress it.
  • Supports ALL versions of PGP. You can use your existing PGP keys and keyrings with Cryptocx.
  • Generate RSA and DH/DSS keys with Cryptocx. These keys can be used by Cryptocx and/or PGP versions 6,7,8,9
  • Digitally Encrypt and Sign Files that are PGP compatible. You can sign a file with Cryptocx and send it to someone and they can verify it with Cryptocx or with PGP. You can also Decrypt and Verify files with Cryptocx.
  • Full Key Management functionality. You can add existing keys to PGP keyrings using Cryptocx. You can also view the contents of any keyring.
  • Encrypt and Decrypt strings and files with 448 Bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Compress and Decompress TAR and GZ and tar.gz files.
  • Fastest file encryption/decryption available, 20 MB per second on a sub 1000 dollar PC.
  • Please download the evaluation copy of the control to try it for yourself. The evaluation of the control comes with a sample program for you to test the control out straight away.
  • Click here to view all of the properties and methods for Cryptocx.

With the string encryption methods in the control, you can easily do such things as handle encrypted passwords and important data within variables in your program.

Data security is becoming more and more important, with developers wanting to add secure data encryption facilities to their programs and web sites.

This is where EasyByte Cryptocx comes in, Cryptocx uses tried and tested encryption algorithms, that have been highly optimized and tested.

You might like to have a look at the Cryptocx help files to see all of the controls properties and method


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