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EasyByte RSS Ticker System
The Enterprise Notification and RSS Server Software

Notification Broadcasting and Enterprise RSS Information store all in one!

This is two pieces of software, the Enterprise RSS Feed Server, and the RSS News Ticker


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Main Features in EasyByte Ticker System: (click here to see detailed information on the Ticker system)

  • It is ideal for companies to send information out to many employees desktops (notification and alert software), rather than as currently sending emails, which are not read much of the time.
  • The Ticker can be hidden on the desktop such that it does not interfere with any work, when new information (notification or alert) is available for the user the Ticker will come out of auto-hide.
  • Full Active Directory Integration, it can be set to auto-connect to your companies Active Directory enabling ultra quick and easy setup on your network, see the Enterprise RSS Server page for further information.
  • Communication you can't miss! Our comprehensive network manageable Ticker can display important information and notifications that you require onto an employees desktop, it can be scrolled along or popped up in a News Alert window.
  • Anyone can use this Ticker program on their desktop to scroll news headlines from any website, Try it and see for yourself
  • Helps you to Slash the Information overload, by intelligently delivering relevant information to you in a non-intrusive manner. Email is no longer what is used to be, so much of it is missed these days, get only what you need and request with our Ticker.
  • Fully network manageable (via the Enterprise RSS Server), ideal for corporate Enterprise usages, a network admin can add/remove feeds that should be displayed on the end users desktops.
  • For the corporate usages, a network admin can fully control how the RSS Ticker works and looks on each users desktop with a few simple clicks!
  • All Features can be turned on or off, the Admin decides what functions are available to the users.
  • One click to see the current time in multiple time zones, with the World Time feature:

  • As it can gather news and information from any website that you specify, it will present you with the most targeted, precise information possible.
  • It can intelligently gather news and information from ANY webpage, or RSS Feed, making it a fantastic News Ticker.
  • You can have the information appear in Non-Intrusive manner on your screen, from scrolling to gentle fade in and out.
  • The Ticker can Auto-Hide, just like the windows taskbar does.
  • A neat little time saving Info Window pops up when you move the mouse over a headline, instantly displaying the content for that article. This screen shot shows the info window displaying the article content for the headline that the mouse is over:
  • Special bandwidth minimisation means that your network will hardly notice its existence.
  • For corporate use, we can create a version with your company logo and corporate branding, please contact us for more information about that.
  • The fully integrated Feed Reader application that comes with EasyByte Ticker is a fully fledged RSS Feed Reader. It can be started by double clicking on the logo area of Ticker. It will by default show you the feeds that you have been using with the RSS News Ticker capabilities.
  • It is enormously customisable allowing you to configure it to your exact tastes and requirements.


Also available is a website backend (Enterprise RSS Server), with full Microsoft Active Directory Integration for you to easily manage what information goes to what users desktops. This is the Enterprise RSS Server, please contact us for more information about this, including getting a free trial of it. The whole system connects to an Enterprise Active Directory for rapid installs.

RSS Web Admin Manager



EasyByte RSS News Ticker comes with a fully integrated RSS Feed Reader program, just double click on the logo area of the Ticker to bring it up, if you want to see anything in more detail.

EasyByte News Feed Reader



To Purchase a single desktop license for EasyByte News Ticker and get the unlock key, please send a PayPal payment of 49 USD to sales@easybyte.com as soon as payment is received you will get emailed straight back the unlock key. You can also pay via Credit Card, please see this page for more info.

If you wish purchase multiple licenses or a corporate branded edition, please contact us as substantial discounts are given for multiple license purchase.


Get quick info on Stocks and Shares movements with the shares window:


Click here to download
free trial copy

· Allows Project team members to keep everyone updated on key aspects of work 
· Helpdesk operators can be easily informed about common reasons for calls
· Send Notifications to some or all desktops
· Use as a suggestion area to get ideas from employees
· Eliminate the use of mass broadcast company emails, which clog up systems
· Sales teams keep each other informed
· Create a knowledge store on ‘stuff’ that frequently happens and what to do when it does
· Let Sales teams know about current promotions to push and what products are low on stock


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