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BlowfishStringEncrypt Method

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


BlowfishStringEncrypt Method

This is the method that you use to encrypt text using 448 bit strength blowfish algorithm. This method is complementary to the BlowfishStringDecrypt method.

The BlowFish algorithm has been in the public domain for several years now, and has been well proven to be highly secure and fast. You can safely use this functionality within Cryptocx to encrypt and decrypt many megabytes of text (string) at a time.



Encrypts text using 448 bit blowfish encryption algorithm


x = object.BlowfishStringEncrypt

The syntax of the BlowfishStringEncrypt method has these parts:

Part Description
object A Cryptocx v7 control.
x A string that becomes the encrypted text after the method has run.

Remarks When the BlowfishStringEncrypt method runs, after encryption has taken place the encrypted text is base64 encoded. This means that the encrypted text can be displayed in a text box.

If this was not done, then the encrypted text would not be able to be displayed in a text box as the non printable ASCII would be ignored.

The InputText property allows you to set the text to be encrypted.

You also need to specify the Password to use.

If you specify a Password that is not 56 characters in length when encrypting (448 bit encryption) Cryptocx will use SHA hashing to create a 56 character password, using your initial password as the seed for SHA.



Example Sample Visual Basic Code to encrypt some text using the BlowFish algorithm.

Where Cryptocx1 is an instance of a Cryptocx Control.

Cryptocx1.Password = txtBlowPass.Text
Cryptocx1.InputText = txtBlowPlain.Text
txtBlowEnc.Text = Cryptocx1.BlowfishStringEncrypt





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