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ASP and dotNET
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ASP, ASP.NET and Cryptocx

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


Using Cryptocx v7 in .Net  and ASP 

Our controls are optimised for use on a Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 Server when used in ASP or ASP.NET. This is some sample ASP code for using Cryptocx in ASP to encrypt a string using the Blowfish method. The encrypted text is then inserted into the web page for viewing by the user.

You can modify the below code to encrypt a file with a PGP key for example or use one of the many other Cryptocx methods.

Cryptocx works perfectly in ASP.NET as well, please see the bottom of this page for dotNet (.NET) related code samples.


Classic ASP  usage:

   Dim theText
   Dim thePassword
   Dim encText
   Dim objCryptocx

   theText= ""
   thePassword= ""

   theText = "Some text to encrypt"
   thePassword = "The Password"
   Set objCryptocx = Server.CreateObject("EasyByte_Software.Cryptocxv7")

   objCryptocx.LicenseKey = "DEMO" 
   objCryptocx.InputText = theText
   objCryptocx.Password = thePassword
   encText = objCryptocx.BlowFishStringEncrypt 

   Set objCryptocx = Nothing

   Response.write encText + vbCrLf


.NET related usage:


For use in dotNET (C#)

1) include in namespace - "using Cryptocxv7.dll;"
2) Class type is "Cryptocxv7Class" usage: "
Cryptocxv7Class objCryptocx=new Cryptocxv7Class();"

Here is some .Net sample code:

Cryptocxv7.dll.Cryptocxv7Class objCryptocx = new Cryptocxv7.dll.Cryptocxv7Class();

objCryptocx.InputText = "hello";

txtOutput.Text = objCryptocx.HashStringSHA();

For use in dotNET (VB.NET)

1) Make sure you add a reference to the project to "Cryptocxv7.dll"

Here is some VB.Net sample code:

Dim strEncrypted As String
Dim Cryptocx As EasyByte_Software.Cryptocxv7 = New EasyByte_Software.Cryptocxv7

Cryptocx.InputText = "Hello"
Cryptocx.Password = "somepass"
Cryptocx.LicenseKey = "DEMO"

strEncrypted = Cryptocx.AESStringEncrypt

This is for example some C# code that works with the dll:


public static string BlowfishString(string strINPUT)
Cryptocxv7Class objCryptocx = new Cryptocxv7.dll.Cryptocxv7Class();

  objCryptocx.InputText = strINPUT;
  strEncrypted = (string)objCryptocx.BlowfishStringEncrypt();
  strEncrypted = "";
 return strEncrypted;




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