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ConvertImages Property

RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


ConvertImages Property

This is the property that you set to specify whether or not to convert any embedded images that their may be with the RTF document.



Specifies whether or not to generate images.


object.ConvertImages [= x ]

The syntax of the ConvertImages property has these parts:

Part Description
object An RTF-2-HTML v8 control.
x A string expression that specifies whether or not convert the images within an RTF document, you can either specify a "yes" or a "no" value.

Default "yes"
Remarks This property only accepts a yes or a no. If yes then the images will be converted and if no then the embedded images will not be converted.

If you use this property you must also specify the ImageFormat and the ImageFolder properties.

Data Type


Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where RTF2HTML1 is an instance of an RTF-2-HTML Control.

RTF2HTML1.ConvertImages = "yes"





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