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ConvertPlainHTML Method

RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


ConvertPlainHTML Method

This is the method that you would use to convert plain text (fed in through the Plain_Text property) to HTML.

The generated HTML will have complete header and Body tags, and when viewed in a web browser such as IE or Netscape or Opera the HTML document should look visually as close as is possible to the plain text when viewed in a viewer such as NotePad.



Converts an plain text to HTML


x = object.ConvertPlainHTML

The syntax of the ConvertPlainHTML method has these parts:

Part Description
object An RTF-2-HTML v8 control.
x A string that becomes the result of the conversion. 

Remarks It is highly recommended that you set the CleanRTF property of the control to 'yes', this will result in much better conversion.


Example Sample Visual Basic Code to convert some plain text to HTML.

Where rtf2html1 is an instance of an RTF-2-HTML control and rtf1 is an instance of an MS RichText control.

rtf2html1.HTML_Colour = "white"
rtf2html1.HTML_Title = "my title"
rtf2html1.Plain_Text= rtf1.TextRTF
rtf2html1.Generator = "My Own RTF-2-HTML Convertor"
rtf2html1.CleanRTF = "yes"
rtf2html1.CleanHTML = "no"
rtf2html1.XHTMLOutput = "no"
rtf2html1.Links = "yes"
rtf2html1.DoDebug = "yes"
rtf2html1.ConvertImages = "yes"
rtf2html1.ImageFolder = "c:\"
rtf2html1.ImageFormat = "jpg"

rtf2.Text = rtf2html1.ConvertPlainHTML





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