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DoDebug Property

RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


DoDebug Property

This is the property that you set to specify whether or not a debug file is created.



Specifies whether or not to create a debug file


object.DoDebug [= x ]

The syntax of the DoDebug property has these parts:

Part Description
object An RTF-2-HTML v8 control.
x A string expression that specifies whether or not to generate "c:\rtftext.txt" file. you can either specify a "yes" or a "no" value.


Default "no"
Remarks This property only accepts a yes or a no

This property is only of use if the control is not behaving correctly on your system. Just email us the "C:\rtftext.rtf" that it generates and we should be able to solve any problem that their may be.

Data Type


Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where RTF2HTML1 is an instance of an RTF-2-HTML Control.

RTF2HTML1.DoDebug = "yes"





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