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RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


Some of the main features of RTF-2-HTML v8:

1) RTF-2-HTML has Royalty Free distribution rights.

2)  Image Support! RTF-2-HTML has full support for embedded images and can save to JPG or PNG.

3) New property called UseSpanTags which will output HTML that only uses span tags this results in pixel specific settings for fonts.

4) Support for all main Languages, the complete character sets are supported.

5) Supports East Asian characters perfectly ( 完全な東アジアサポート ) Full Unicode Support for such character sets.

6) Corrupt RTF can be detected and in most instances can be repaired before going to the conversion to HTML phase.

7) ALL of the Source Code for RTF-2-HTML is available for purchase which will give you absolute control to modify the conversion process, or add your own special feature, unique to your uses.

8) Support for XHTML, RTF-2-HTML can produce XHTML output. This standards compliant output makes it perfect for modern uses that require interoperability with other applications.

9) Output HTML cleaning, the output of the control can be cleaned to make the HTML look neat and tidy. This will not affect how it looks in a web browser but will make it easier for developers to work with.

10) RTF-2-HTML is a pure control for converting RTF into HTML and HTML to RTF, it does not use any outside products such as MS Word to do the conversion. This enables developers or system architects to deploy applications with full control over the conversion process, without worry about what version of MS Office is installed on customer machines or licensing issues to do with that.

11) Fully Windows Vista/2003/XP compliant and compatible.

12) The resultant HTML document that is generated will look as identical to the original HTML as is possible. In fact the HTML output when viewed in a web browser will look so much like the RTF document when viewed that you may not be able to spot any differences!

13) The methods, ConvertNoBody has been designed for use in Active Server Pages (ASP), it will generate HTML without any HTML body or header tags, perfect for placing in ASP pages.

14) RawHTML output, RTF-2-HTML can be set to generate raw html with no body or header tags. No font or colour information will be generated either. This feature is useful for developers who wish to put the generated HTML into their own HTML template pages, such that the template layout would not be affected. This feature is designed for web developers that can use RTF-2-HTML to produce the HTML to put in database driven pages such as ASP pages.

15) Perfect for use in ASP, RTF-2-HTML is in use by many companies today in ASP pages, as a lightweight control that can have its output perfectly customised to suit web pages it is ideal backend component in your web site.

16) You can specify that all hyperlinks (web addresses) and email addresses in the RTF document are automatically made into clickable links in the HTML output. This feature, amongst many other uses, is perfect for HTML generation direct for web sites.

17) RTF-2-HTML will convert the fonts, font colours, layout, backcolours, links, special characters, list items, font formatting (bold, italic, underline etc..), paragraph settings and alignment, and much more besides. All of the RTF and HTML tags are supported, try it out for yourself.



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