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RTF_Text Property

RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


RTF_Text Property

This is the property that you set the main input to the control, this is the RTF (Rich Text Format) that you require converting to HTML.

The property expects a variant data type, which can also be a string.



Specifies the RTF Document to Convert to HTML


object.RTF_Text [= x ]

The syntax of the RTF_Text property has these parts:

Part Description
object An RTF-2-HTML v8 control.
x A variant expression that specifies the RTF (Rich Text Format) to the control.

Default ""  (Empty String)

If this property is not set then the control will return an empty string when you run any of the methods

Note: The RTF that you feed in must be the actual Rich Text Format data including the RTF commands within it. RTF-2-HTML will not work correctly with plain text.

This is the contents of a file on your hard disc that has the extension of .rtf when opened in Notepad.

If you wish to feed in plain text to convert it to HTML then we suggest setting the .text property of an MS Rich Text Control to the plain text then reading in the TextRTF property of the control. This will successfully convert the plain text to RTF.

Data Type

Variant (Can be String)

Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where RTF2HTML1 is an instance of an RTF-2-HTML Control.
Where rtf1 is an instance of an MS Rich Text Control.

rtf2html1.HTML_Colour = "white"
rtf2html1.HTML_Title = "my title"
rtf2html1.RTF_Text = rtf1.TextRTF
rtf2html1.Generator = "My Own RTF-2-HTML Convertor"
rtf2html1.CleanRTF = "yes"
rtf2html1.CleanHTML = "no"
rtf2html1.XHTMLOutput = "no"
rtf2html1.Links = "yes"
rtf2html1.DoDebug = "yes"
rtf2html1.ConvertImages = "yes"
rtf2html1.ImageFolder = "c:\"
rtf2html1.ImageFormat = "jpg"

rtf2.Text = rtf2html1.ConvertRTF





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