Targeted Mailings

This page describes how to use the Targeted Mailing feature


The Targeted Mailings feature allows you to send one email to many people very simply. This feature may be usefull for clubs and societies for example, or just to send one email to all your friends.

To use Targeted Mailings you must enter the details of all the people you want to send email to in the address book. Once this has been done you are now ready to send a Targeted Email. This feature is called Targeted Mailing because its sends email to people based on keywords used in the address book.

targeticon.gif (1507 bytes)


You are now ready to send a Targeted Mailing. Send a new message as usual, only when you want specify who to send the message to click on the Targeted Mailings icon.


A new window will appear, from here you will be able to select who to send the message to. target.gif (8593 bytes)

From here you can select who to send the Email to by selecting two keywords, these are as you find in the address book. The first keyword in each list is 'All' this means select every keyword for that column. So if you select 'All' and 'All' you will send the message to everyone in the address book.


If you select the checkbox marked 'Send as Comma Deliminated List' then everyone who gets the email will be able to see who else got the email. When you click on OK you will see that the 'To' field will have changed, there will be a list of everyone to send the message to in it.

targetdone.gif (7220 bytes)
You can now click on the send icon as usual, the Email will then be sent out to all the people selected. It may take a while, depending on how many people you have selected.

Please note that the Email will be sent with every setting you select, so if you select to attach a file to the Email that file will be sent out to everyone you select. You can use the Anonymous send feature along with the Targeted Mailings feature.






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