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ArchiveExecuteFile Property

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


ArchiveExecuteFile Property

This is the property that you set if you would like to run a file after the SDA has been successfully decrypted. To create an archive you use this method, CreateArchive.



Specifies the file to execute after decryption.


object.ArchiveExecuteFile [= String ]

The syntax of the ArchiveExecuteFile property has these parts:

Part Description
object A Cryptocx v7 control.
String A string expression that specifies the file to execute after decryption.

Default ""   (empty string)
Remarks If no file is specified then this property is ignored when generating the SDA and no file will be executed after the SDA is decrypted.

You can only specify a file that is in the SDA.

You can specify any type of file here, when it is executed the application that is associated with that file type is loaded with it, just like if you double click on the file in windows explorer.

For example you could specify "file.doc" and then MS Word would be loaded up with the file after decryption.



You must not specify absolute or relative paths for this property. You can only specify the name of the file. 

When the SDA decrypts, it will search through the archive from the lowest directory in the archive to the highest directory level for the first occurrence of the named file specified for ArchiveExecuteFile property.

So if you have an SDA archive with two files of the same name in them:

C:\file.txt and C:\Directory\file.txt

and you specify "file.txt" for this property then C:\file.txt is the file that will be executed after decryption of the SDA.

Data Type


Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where Cryptocx1 is an instance of a Cryptocx Control.

Cryptocx1.ArchiveExecuteFile = "invoices.doc"





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