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DestinationFile Property

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


DestinationFile Property

This is the property that you set for the destination file for Cryptocx to use when any file based encryption or decryption methods are run.

When you encrypt or decrypt a file with Cryptocx, the SourceFile is the file to be encrypted or decrypted. The DestinationFile property is the property that specifies where the resultant file (encrypted or decrypted) is to be placed.



Specifies the File to encrypt or decrypt.


object.DestinationFile [= DestinationFile ]

The syntax of the DestinationFile property has these parts:

Part Description
object A Cryptocx v7 control.
DestinationFile A string expression that specifies the file that is the result of the encryption or decryption process

You need to specify the complete path and name of the file:


To just specify file.txt is not good enough as it does not specify where it is located (the directory and drive).

Default ""   (empty string)
Remarks You need to specify the drive letter and the full path of where the file is located and the file name including its extension.
Data Type


Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where Cryptocx1 is an instance of a Cryptocx Control.

Cryptocx1.DestinationFile = "C:\MyFile.txt"





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