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Cryptocx v7

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


Some of the main features of Cryptocx v7:


  • Cryptocx is the most powerful - by far - encryption component available. Its ease of use and power will astound you.
  • Cryptocx is backed up by a real company EasyByte Software Corporation Ltd, you can contact us by phone or email any time!
  • Full PGP Support, Cryptocx is fully compatible with PGP. This makes it ideal for encrypting/decrypting data and files that get sent to companies that have standardised on the PGP encryption algorithms.
  • Create Self Decrypting Archives (SDA) with Cryptocx. You can specify any number of files and or directories to include in an SDA. You can send the SDA to anyone as all the software to decrypt the file is included in it. This SDA's are fully customisable.
  • Cryptocx offers the fastest file encryption functionality anywhere, with Blowfish 448 encryption.
  • Cryptocx has full 256 bit AES support for encrypting strings and files. 
  • Cryptocx does not require the use of any external programs, so you can easily distribute it with your applications with out having to worry about licensing issues. 
  • Cryptocx ca Compress files and strings using the standard zip algorithm. 
  • When you encrypt text using the blowfish and 256 bit AES string encryption functionality with Cryptocx the encrypted text is base64 encoded which means that you can include the encrypted text in text files or display in text boxes on screen. If the encrypted text was not base64 encoded then the non printable ASCII characters would be lost if set to display in a text box.
  • Cryptocx has been designed to make integration with your applications and web sites as simple as possible.  You should be able to just copy and paste the code from the sample application provided to be able to integrate Cryptocx into your application within a few minutes.
  • There are many great features that will make its integration with your applications or web sites very easy and robust.




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