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TripleDESStringDecrypt Method

Cryptocx v7 User Guide


TripleDESStringDecrypt Method

This is the method that you use to decrypt strings that were encrypted using the 168 bit 3DES encryption algorithm (3 * 56 Bit DES keys = 168 bit 3DES)

This method uses the standard 3DES encryption algorithm. It is complimentary to the TripleDESStringEncrypt method.



Decrypts a string with encrypted with the 3DES algorithm.


x = object.TripleDESStringDecrypt

The syntax of the TripleDESStringDecrypt method has these parts:

Part Description
object A Cryptocx v7 control.
x A string that becomes the decrypted string.


You have to specify the 3  - DES keys to use, DESKey1, DESKey2 and DESKey3


The Decrypted String

Example Sample Visual Basic Code to 3DES decrypt a string.

Where Cryptocx1 is an instance of a Cryptocx Control.

'' 3DES Decrypt a String

Dim Cryptocx As New EasyByte_Software.Cryptocxv7

Cryptocx.LicenseKey = "DEMO"

Cryptocx.DESKey1 = Des3Key1.Text
Cryptocx.DESKey2 = Des3Key2.Text
Cryptocx.DESKey3 = Des3Key3.Text

Cryptocx.InputText = txt3DESEncrypted.Text

txt3DESPlain.Text = Cryptocx.TripleDESStringDecrypt

'' Free up Memory Resources

Set Cryptocx = Nothing





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