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ImageName Property

RTF-2-HTML v8 User Guide


ImageName Property

This is the property that you set the start name for the generated images. If you specify the ConvertImages property to be 'yes' RTF-2-HTML will convert any embedded images into either JPG or PNG files. The names of these files are of the format:


where X is a number starting at 000


This property is useful if you have a multiuser website with large numbers of RTF documents being converted per second, you would specify a different image start name for each user session (typically just a large random number) which will prevent unwanted image overwrites from taking place.



Specifies what image start name to use.


object.ImageName [= x ]

The syntax of the ImageName property has these parts:

Part Description
object An RTF-2-HTML v8 control.
x You can specify valid file system set of characters as the image start name.

Default "object"

If you use this property you must also specify the ConvertImages and the ImageFolder properties.

Data Type


Example Sample Visual Basic Code:

Where RTF2HTML1 is an instance of an RTF-2-HTML Control.

RTF2HTML1.ImageName = "object"





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