The Recycle Bin

This page describes how to use the Recycle Bin


The Recycle Bin in EasyMailer performs the same functions as the Windows recycle bin.


When you want to delete Email you first have to transfer them to the recycle bin. You can then go to the recycle bin and select what emails to permanently delete or to restore (move back out of the recycle bin).


To put emails into the Recycle Bin, just select the email(s) you wish to transfer and then click on the icon of a bin. Those emails will now be transferred to the Recycle Bin.

binem.gif (1936 bytes)


To restore emails (move them back out of the Recycle Bin to where they were before) simply select the Emails you wish to restore and then right click with the mouse on the message grid and select 'Restore Email'


restore.gif (7315 bytes)


Note from the picture above that you can also permanently delete Email by selecting the ones you want to Delete and right clicking on the message grid, then selecting 'Delete' from the menu that pops up.


To select a folder just click on it in the folder box (top left of the main window). Note that all of the Folders are displayed here, with the Inbox, Outbox, Recycle Bin, Drafts and Last Search displayed as buttons. All of the user created folders are displayed in the list box located directly below the folder buttons.

foldselect.gif (5568 bytes)






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