Folders in EasyMailer

This page describes how the folders in EasyMailer work


You can use Folders to store and organise your Email.


In EasyMailer there is a new concept in folder management, the  Active Folders.

Active Folders are not static folders, they change whenever you select them. You can specify whether you want to see Email from/to a domain (eg or an email address (eg As EasyMailer uses a database to store some of the headers from each email querying a database of thousands of emails takes only 1-2 seconds. Active folders are unique amongst email programs and once you have used them you will wonder how you ever managed without them. They are very usefull for seeing all the email from people at one company, so you can very quickly find ceertain correspondence

Each each email can be in many different folders at the same time. This method of folder management ensures that no email is duplicated on your hard disk and that EasyMailer always runs very fast.



To select a folder just click on it in the folder box (top left of the main window). Note that all of the Folders are displayed here, with the Inbox, Outbox, Recycle Bin, Drafts and Last Search displayed as buttons. All of the user created folders are displayed in the list box located directly below the folder buttons.

foldselect.gif (5568 bytes)


To copy or move an email to a folder you can right click on the email and a menu will pop up. You can select 'Move' or 'Copy' from the menu and then choose what folder to put the selected email(s) in. Here you can see that an email is to be copied into the folder called 'Andrew'. You can also drag and drop emails from the message grid onto a folder in the folder list box located at the left of the screen.

copyfold.gif (14074 bytes)






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