Screen Shots of EasyMailer 4
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See what Email is on the Server for you. When you Download your mail you will be shown a screen which will have the details of the emails that are waiting on the server. You can delete selected emails that you don't want to read.
viewhtml.gif (71771 bytes) This is the main window of EasyMailer. This is what you see when you start up EasyMailer.
EasyMailer was designed with a way of using Multiple Accounts as a core function. All you have to do is click once on one of the accounts and EasyMailer is now set up for that account. Double click on an account and it will be checked for new mail.

account.gif (2813 bytes)

Very Powerful Print and Preview functions

The Print Preview window. When printing an Email you can choose from many of the preset styles. You will see what the print out will look like in the preview window. You can also save what style you like as the default.
For the Sending of Emails you can use signatures and rich text formatting (HTML). There are many other fucntions such as sending Email anonymously or sending a targeted mailshot. smallnew.gif (28072 bytes)




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