Getting Started

This page contains a guide for new users of EasyMailer


Congratulations on deciding to use EasyMailer for your Email needs.


After downloading EasyMailer you will need to install it. To do this just run the file (double click in windows explorer) and then follow the on screen instructions.


EasyMailer should now be installed. After installing it you will want to set up your email accounts. You may also want to set up signatures for those accounts.

After setting up the accounts you may wish to download any mail that may be waiting. After downloading the mail and viewing it, you may wish to reply to some of the Email or send a new message.


After you have got several Emails in EasyMailer you may wish to manage them into folders. You may also wish to delete several of those Emails.


After using EasyMailer for a while you may wish to configure the appearance of it to suit your needs. You can also configure the sending of mail and the receiving of mail.


If you have any problems you can always view the most upto date help files online at






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